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  • Version control database schema using Flyway

    Many ORM framework like Django, Laravel comes with a nice database migration tool which let us update database schema in ease, also changes in database schema can be version controlled in the git repo. But if I’m not using any of such frameworks then how can I version control my database schema and use database…

  • Production-ready Docker file for Golang app

    An example of a production-ready multi-stage Docker file for any Golang project. The first stage will build a binary file with the Golang Alpine image. In the second stage, the binary file will be copied from the previous image(golang-alpine) to a new image created from Alpine. So the final image size is small (~5mb alpine…

  • Docker Logging with Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana(EFK) Stack

    Docker Logging with Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana(EFK) Stack

    In the world of containerization, Docker has emerged as a popular choice for packaging and deploying applications. However, effectively managing and analyzing logs generated by Docker containers can be a challenging task. That’s where the power of the Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana (EFK) stack comes in. By combining these three robust technologies, Docker logging becomes a…

  • Docker Security Checklist

    Docker Security Checklist

    Use official images. Restrict network/links within containers. Make sure docker daemon REST api is off, and then use traditional UNIX permission checks to Limit access to the control socket. Limit docker daemon permission on host. Run as non-root. Add an extra layer of safety by enabling AppArmor, SELinux, GRSEC, or your fav hardening solution.